Using The L1® To Get Gigs

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The Opportunities

OK, so you have made the investment and purchased the Bose L1 system and now need to start making your investment pay off. With your new L1 you can open a few doors which might have been closed previously using a conventional PA system. For example, how many times have you come across prospective venues telling you:

  • We used to do live music but the bands we had were too loud so we had to stop
  • The local authorities have told us noise levels have to be at a certain level and have installed a control meter
  • There is no space here for a PA system let alone musicians
  • Our clientèle come here because they can talk without having to shout at each other and we don’t want to upset them
  • Usually the bands here can’t be heard as their equipment isn’t very good and the acoustics aren’t great

All of the above points have just become good reasons for the venue to book you because you have an L1 system. The facts are, it takes up very little room and sounds amazing without having to be loud, but you already know that. Your job now is to communicate this to the venue.

Getting The Message Across

So how do you convince them? They have to see and hear it in action before they are likely to believe you so ask them to come and see you perform at another venue or offer to give them a demonstration during a quiet time, they will be impressed.

Another small tip is to have some promotional photographs taken with you either beside the L1® or in action with the L1 in the background. There is no getting away from the fact that the L1® is a sexy looking piece of kit so let it help you sell yourself!

And Finally

.......don’t forget what made you spend your hard earned cash in the first place. Likelihood is, the answer to this could be used to help you sell yourself and your new sound system.