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WPAS C.jpg

John Moreno (aka John B. Goode) at Wallacher worked with Bose in 2005 to design and produce the WPAS-1 model Guitar Hanger for the L1® System. You can read some of the history in Guitar Hanger for Bose

We don't have pictures here yet but has an optional locking bar as well.

Contact John at john@wallacher.com
Toll free: 1-800-984-2644

John describes the WPAS-1

Heres a couple of pictures of the new hangers. They're great cuz you can hang 2,3, or 4 guitars on the bose system. Fully adjustable height. Removable for easy transport. Fits inside the case with no sharp objects. And totally east to mount.

WPAS B.jpgWPAS A.jpgWPAS D.jpg

The L1® Owner Community is grateful to John for his generous support of our community events!