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Playing outdoors with a chance of rain? Here are some tips suggested by L1 System Owners.

Large Plastic Bags

I usually pack a couple of those large plastic leaf bags that are used to store grass clippings, leaves, etc. They are large enough that I can pop one over the L1 pole, pull it sharply and the top of the stick will force a hole in the bottom of the bag where I can then pull it down to cover the base. Then another bag or two over the top to cover the rest of the pole, etc. I use another one for my small microphone stand that holds the T1.

Granted it doesn't look good but it works. StuartD


I bring along a tarp that I can throw over my L1 in short order.

The L1 pole acts like a center tent pole.

It is ugly, but effective for keeping the rain off, and I can tear down underneath it while it is raining. Then take down the L1 last, and get out without to much moisture.

I also have a small shelter tent with no side's that I set up if it looks like rain before the show. Kings Court

Official Bose FAQs

Can I use the System Outside

Yes. You can use your system for outdoor gigs. The system has been tested to operate in 0°C to 50°C temperatures and be stored in -30°C to 70°C temperatures. In cases of light rain outside, take precautions to cover the back panel of the power stand. Water must not get into the air inlet slits inside the back panel, on the loudspeaker drivers or inside the L1® cavity on the power stand.

Unofficial FAQ Extension:


  • Operating 0°C to 50°C is approximately 32°F to 122°F
  • Storage -30°C to 70°C is approximately -23°F to 158°F