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For Yamaha Digital piano owners.......Bad Mister who is the Yamaha authority over at the Motifator forum explains how to proceed in altering a few Acoustic Piano sounds that lend themselves to being converted to mono from stereo...One thing he leaves out in these instructions is that you also have to set the effects to mono to get a true mono sound...

This can be done very quickly as follows:

Recall “Full Concert Grand” — this is a program made from the CF3 Stereo Stretched-tuned Waveform set.

Select Part 1 and then press [ENTER]

Touch “Osc/Tune”

Touch “Elem1”

Here you can see the Waveform for Element 1... “Preset 3 - Piano/Piano - CF3 Stretch Soft St” highlight that Waveform Name box and press [INC/YES] to advance to the “Preset 4 - Piano/Piano - CF3 Stretch Soft Mn” Waveform

Touch “Elem2”

Advance +1 from the “St” (Stereo) Version to the “Mn” (Mono) Version of the Waveform.

Rinse and repeat for each of the Elements, in turn. The Mono version is listed right next to the stereo version on the MODX Waveform List.

You can compare the ‘Mono’ version with the ‘Stereo’ version by pressing the [EDIT/COMPARE] — it flashes while in ‘compare’ and all changes are locked out.

You have created a monaural version of the “Full Concert Grand”.

The “Monaural Grand MW” is very similar.

Immediately, Center is Center when playing the mono version. Notice, across the full range the position remains centered.

When piano is not a principal focus of the mix, a monaural version of the piano is very useful. The stereo, stretched tuned acoustic piano programs are designed to be played as solo/ featured instruments in most instances.

You would utilize the non-stretched tuned (or “Flat” ) versions when wishing to create a piano + layered sound, otherwise you may find the tuning a bit edgy at the extreme high and low ends of the range. The Flat tuned versions are used when layering with pads, strings, etc., etc. where you want tight tuning across all keys. You will notice stretched tuned waveforms sound out-of-tune if layered with a standard tuned layer.

The Waveforms of Yamaha CFX and Yamaha S700 pianos are provided in stereo format only.

Source: L1 Compact - disappointed with keyboard piano sounds