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G10 Transmitter Battery Drain

People ask, "Why does the G10T drain the battery while it is plugged into the THRII 10/30 Wireless (when the amp is off)?"

Here's what we know
The G10T goes into Transmitter Sleep Mode when there's no audio detected for four minutes. This is to preserve battery power. However, there must be some power required to detect audio to wake up the G10T when you start playing the guitar again. When the G10T is plugged into the amp, the switch is depressed (just like when it's plugged into a guitar).
Sleep Mode - To extend battery life, sleep mode is activated after a period of 4 minutes where no audio input is detected. The transmitter “wakes up” automatically when the instrument is played.
Source: Line 6 G10S Manual

I don't know how long it takes for the G10T to go dead when left in the amp (turned off), but it's less than 200 hours from the reports here. I imagine the dormant charging mechanism in the amp is leeching power from the G10T.

Workaround - Turn off Eco Recharge
Within the THR Remote app, tap the ⚙ icon (top right) and uncheck the box beside Eco Recharge.

Now the amp remains on even after the G10T is fully charged. From what I can see, the G10T does not drain while inserted in the amp if the amp is on.

This would be appropriate if I wanted the amp to remain on all the time as a Bluetooth speaker or a night light.

The Line 6 Relay G10S (G10T plus pedalboard style base unit) works the same way.
When I got the THRII30 Wireless, I got the optional G10T. For backup, I also got the G10S. The G10T drains if you leave it docked in the charging position when there's no power connected to the base unit. You can lock the G10T in the base unit in a travel position. It is about half-way into the jack. The tip and ring don't connect to the charging mechanism.
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