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These are products known to work with the L1® family of products by owners of the L1®.

These are in addition to the many products included in the standard ToneMatch® Preset Filters shipped with the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine and the ToneMatch® Preset Partners

Cables for the L1® family of products

Cables specifically selected for use with the T1®, Compact, B1, B2, Model I, Model II, and PackLite
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short microphone instrument noiseless connect microphone with switch B1

Longer cables for B1 and B2 Bass Modules

The Bose B1 requires a NL4 connector with all 4 pins connected (that's why we call it 4-wire cable). Unfortunately, the Speakon connector comes in three different flavors, NL2 (2-pins), NL4 (4 pins), and NL8 (8-pins). Most salespeople are not aware of the differences.

A good source for the correct cables is

If you call Mark and tell him you want the cable for the Bose B1, you will get one that is made to our specifications. You can also any custom length cable at a very reasonable price.


{{#Click: 400w.jpg|200px|NL-4 speaker cable}}

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PorchBoard Bass

PorchBoard Floor Bass

<linkedimage> wikipage=PorchBoard Floor Bass tooltip=PorchBoard Floor Bass img_src=RP PorchBoardFront.jpg img_width=200px img_alt=Porchboard </linkedimage>

Guitar Hangers

Wallacher Guitar Hangers

<linkedimage> wikipage=Wallacher Guitar Hangers tooltip=Wallacher Guitar Hangers img_src=WallacherThumb.gif img_width=100px img_height=84px img_alt=Wallacher Guitar Hangers </linkedimage>

Slip Covers

Currently looking for a new vendor

Custom Slip Covers

<linkedimage> wikipage=Custom Slip Covers tooltip=Custom Slip Covers from EntSysCorp img_src=L1SlipCoverRight01.jpg img_width=100px img_alt=EntSys Custom Slip Covers </linkedimage>