Feedback Destroyer

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In my experience feedback destroyer don't really help with feedback and can significantly impair the sound quality. I found they do more harm than good.

Hilmar-at-Bose [1]

You can patch in your feedback destroyer but I would not recommend it. I doubt that you would need it and most feedback destroyers that we have tested showed significant spectral degradation and they don't seem to help a lot with feedback to start with.

Hilmar-at-Bose [2]

I used a Behringer Feedback destroyer a couple years ago and found that each time it cancelled feedback, more and more frequencies were notched out, resulting in a great deal of muddiness altogether. I'll never use one again

Kurz (L1® owner) [3]

I have used a Behringer "Shark" feedback destroyer occasionally, and have to echo Kurz' evaluation....more frequencies notched out

Chris Bates (L1® owner) [4]