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ST: I didn't want to overwrite your version of the -fixed without having you check this first....

New approach to this - real wiki pages with the lists

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the idea. I realized that in my previous version I had some errors that got replicated in yours.

The "flat" settings in different categories do not map to Version 2.0 "00" because the categories include the "zEq" EQ points.

I also hid the columns that showed the T1® numbers because these are not visible on the T1® so they seemed unnecessary and a potential source for confusion.

I have added the following pages that should be viewable by anyone with a modern browser.

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Presets with Version 3.0 Presets Equivalents

Presets Version 3.0 with T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine Equivalents

PresetsT1V3.xls Excel Format

When MikeZ updates the T1® standard presets to include the old Preset 49, we'll have to revisit this.

ST 13:30, 31 October 2008 (EDT)