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Get the L1® Updater Software

These are the latest versions of the ToneMatch Updater application.

ToneMatch® Updater Software application. (two versions available)

If you have questions please see ToneMatch Updater discussion.

To update your L1 Model II with a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine use the older version of the L1 Updater software

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Now that you have the ToneMatch Updater software you can apply:

If you don't have a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

Mac Hint

If you download the software and cannot locate it try this hint from T. Roberts.

In the upper right corner of the screen is the Spotlight icon. Click on it, type in tonematch, and select show-all (to open a finder window in search-results mode), and you should see all files on your system that contain the word 'Tonematch'. Look for the files ending with .bos, for example the T1 updater is "Bose_T1_Firmware_ver_1.6.bos". If these are present, the download has been unzipped successfully, and you can connect and update by running the Updater app.

T. Roberts post