Historic Document Showing L1® Invention for First Time

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In September of 1995, after many conversations between Cliff Henricksen and Ken Jacob, Cliff produced a six page document and gave it to Ken Jacob.

Ken has said that he was "stunned" when he received this. He was not expecting an "invention".

Over the years, Ken has asked Cliff many times to tell him about the "Moment of Invention". Cliff does not know.

Here, then, are the original pages from that document.

It was lost until late 2008, when Cliff was cleaning out his office in preparation for a move.

You can imagine how excited they were to find it.

And to share it with you now.

Page 1

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-1 sm.jpg

Page 2

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-2 sm.jpg

Page 3

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-3 sm.jpg

Page 4

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-4 sm.jpg

Page 5

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-5 sm.jpg

Page 6

9509 henricksen muzo briefing-6 sm.jpg