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L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I
Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic

Preset #58 (High Volume Pre Recorded Music) is included in ToneMatch® Presets Version 3.0. For information about how to obtain it please see:

Presets 3.0

Notes from MikeZ-at-Bose

Preset 57 is optimized for low volume music. The low bass is boosted to better match the physics/psychoacoustics of our own auditory system.

Preset 58 is optimized for higher volume music. Some of the bass is boosted and some of the upper mids are reduced to have a more natural sound at these higher volumes.

Preset 57

is for prerecorded music at low level, for DJ’s and for break music at the gig. Sort of like the Fletcher-Munson (Tony Sarno calls it the “Herman Munster”) curve; bass and treble boost, just the right amount if you’re playing a 85 dB or so.

Source: Cliff-at-Bose

To bridge the gap in terminology... on the T1®

Category: DJ/Playback
Preset: Low Volume Music is the old Preset 57

Category: DJ/Playback
Preset: High Volume Music is the old Preset 58