R1 Remote Recommended

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R1 Remote Recommended

Will the unit still work without the R1 Remote?[1]

The PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I continuously senses activity at all preset selectors and what is connected at the input/output jacks. In general, it is not recommended to operate without the R1 Remote connected. The PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I can however function without the R1 Remote. If you power the PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I on without the R1 Remote connected, it will operate as if the R1 Remote was connected and at a fixed setting of 12 o'clock (center position) on all the control knobs. Alternatively, if the unit is powered on with the R1 Remote first connected and the user then disconnects the R1 Remote, it will retain the last settings of the R1 Remote before you disconnected it. This is helpful in the case where sharing may be necessary.

Full Power

Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic
L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I

Even without the R1 Remote control the system can get to full output if the input trims are carefully set.

If you do proper gain staging, the system will get to full output with all knobs at 12 o'clock. Since proper gain staging is not trivial, we provide the extra gain to take up the slack if the input is not quite hot enough.[2]