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MD 441 with L1 Pro32

You just want to sing into it

I've done a lot of singing since the Sennheiser MD 441 arrived.

If you're a guitarist, you'll be familiar with the dent you get in your chest when you get your hands on an inspiring guitar and can't put it down. Well, this beautiful microphone beckons you and inspires you to sing.

MD 441 Bowie.jpg

The singing through the Sennheiser MD 441 is an odd nod to nostalgia and showmanship. Visually, this is a stunner. There's nothing else like it on a stage. Released in 1971, it has been a favorite of some of the most iconic singers over the decades.

Sound-wise, the recently released Sennheiser MD 445 ($600 USD) is just as good when I need to cut through the mix and get maximum gain before feedback. But there's something special about the Sennheiser MD 441. When the lights come up, you just want to step up and sing.

While I feel okay tossing the Sennheiser MD 445 into a gig bag and taking it into rough 'n tumble situations. I am more discerning about where I use the MD 441.

MD 441 Stevie Nicks.jpg

It has a lift in the upper midrange and details in the highs that comes close to sounding like a good condenser microphone. This also helps me to project, compete, and be heard in a busy stage mix.

As you should expect from a supercardioid microphone, you want to sing directly into it. However, if you read the instruction manual, there's a hint. When using the brilliance switch, sing over the microphone instead of directly into it. You can use it hand-held and not obstruct your face.

St. Vincent on SNL 2021

Singing with Bose Portable PA

MD 441 Frank Zappa.jpg

If you use Bose portable PA gear, you'll be happy to know this microphone works well with every version of the L1 , F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker and even the S1 Pro system, because being a dynamic microphone, it doesn't require phantom power. The Roll-Off filter and Brilliance Switch, give you exceptional control over your tone that you won't find in any other stage-worthy microphone.

In terms of gain-before-feedback, the Sennheiser MD 441 is tied with the Sennheiser MD 445 for the best feedback free experience I've had with the Bose L1 .


Sennheiser MD 441 Specifications.jpg

Roll-Off Filter

At the end of the microphone there is a unique roll-off filter controlled by a five position rotary switch marked M ... S. (Music ...Speech)

Sennheiser describes it this way.

When a directional microphone is spoken into from a close distance, the lower frequencies are overemphasized. If this effect is not desired, it may be levelled by aid of a roll-off filter. From the diagram (Figure 5) showing the influence of the roll-off filter, it can be seen that in position M (music) the frequency response curve is not altered in any way. In position S (speech) however, the frequencies below 700 Hz are attenuated by up to 14 dB. Between the positions M and S the low frequency response can be altered in three defined steps.
The five positions of the roll-off filter can be combined with the two positions of the brilliance switch. In this way, it is possible to choose between ten different frequency response settings

Sennheiser MD 441 Roll-Off Filter.jpg

Brilliance Switch

The MD 441 allows an accentuation in the upper frequency range. It can be chosen using a switch located on the underside of the microphone. This switch can be easily operated using a pencil or small pin. If the switch is brought into position =+*= the frequencies above 3 kHz are accentuated by about 5 dB. This switch position is recommended when the microphone is being used by a vocal soloist. The microphone can then be held vertical in front of the chest and the singer sings practically "over the top". Even then, the sound remains brilliant.

Sennheiser MD 441 Brilliance Switch.jpg

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This article expresses my opinion and experience. Please post comments to Twitter @ST_Muso or LinkedIn @STPro. Thank you — ST.

Sennheiser MD 441-U

link= Sennheiser
Web page Sennheiser MD 441-U
Type Dynamic
Polar Pattern high-rejection Supercardioid
Specifications Sennheiser MD 441 Specifications
Instruction Manual Sennheiser MD 441 Manual
Quick Guide n/a
ToneMatch Preset Vocal Microphones / Flat, Vocal zEQ OR
Vocal Microphones / Sennheiser MD 431-II
Introduced 1971[1] ($999 USD)
Press Release n/a
Special Features Roll-Off filter (M...S), Brilliance Switch



4.45/5 Gearspace