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What's the big deal?

Share what you know about your L1® and how you use it and you could win the Grand Prize, a T1 ToneMatch® audio engine

This contest closes on October 15th, 2008, but there are going to be Early-Bird prizes weekly between now and then so you'll want to be participating along the way. The first Early-Bird draw will be Friday, September 12th 2008.

A huge Thank You goes out to Bose for donating prizes.

What do I have to do?

Between now and October 15th 2008 – make a qualifying contribution to the The Bose® L1® Encyclopedia FAQ & Wiki and your name will be entered in the draw for a prize. A contribution is something you have written that would be of interest to L1® owners or it could be a review of your favourite gear that you use with your L1®. The connection, of course, is the L1®.

As long as your article is about something you do with or connect to an L1®, it is welcome.

Suggestions for Articles

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Noise (tracking down and solving buzzes, hums and hisses)
  • Headset Microphones (observations, recommendations, tips and tricks)
  • Setting the Stage
    • Working with tiny stages
    • Negotiating for space
    • Working with sub-optimal placement
  • Setting the Stage – Solo Artist (suggestions for using your L1® as a solo performer)
  • Setting the Stage – Duo
  • Setting the Stage – Ensemble
  • Business topics
    • Using the L1® to generate or increase your business
    • Getting Gigs
    • Setting Rates
    • Getting Paid
  • Types of Gig
    Write about something like home concerts, community support music in your area, anything non-traditional that could be duplicated in other parts of the country that support the Audience, the Musicians, the Community.
  • Out of the Box (suggestions for new owners)
  • Gear reviews
    Pick your favourite instrument or other input to your L1®, tell us about what you like, don’t like, how you connect it, how you use it, why you got it and if you would do it again. Try this Review Template to get you started.
  • Ecosystem – articles about working with other parts of the society that revolve around your L1®
    • Working with other Musicians
    • Interaction with your Audience
    • Working with Venues
  • Audience reviews
    Provide a written, audio or video review of your show from someone in your L1® audience.

Those are just a few examples. If you have other ideas – go for it.

Fuzzy details...

Read about contributing to the wiki here in Wiki_Team and we have some quick online video tutorials

Note: Once you put an article in the wiki, it can and probably will be edited by someone else.

Please keep a copy of articles you put in the wiki. A good strategy is to create the article in a text editor and then copy/paste it into the wiki. Then make your edits in the wiki.

Early-Bird Prizes

This is fun stuff including some vintage Bose related items that are no longer available. These are from my private collection.

Eligibility & Prizes

  • This contest is open to L1® owners.
  • Prize Draws
    • There will be a draw each week for an Early-Bird prize.
    • There will be a draw at the end of the contest for the Grand Prize T1®.

Early-Bird Prizes

Edit or add information to an existing article and you are eligible for an Early-Bird

Creating a personal profile also makes you eligible for an Early-Bird prize.

Grand Prize T1®

Create an article or make significant contributions to an existing article and you are eligible for the Grand Prize T1® and an Early-Bird prize. Winning an Early-Bird prize does not change your eligibility for the Grand Prize T1®.

What's next?

So that's the introduction. Start thinking about what you would like to contribute. Then:

  • Create your wiki account.
    • See Wiki Team for notes about creating an article.
  • Try some edits or enhancements to existing wiki articles. Those edits or enhancements will probably get your name in for an Early-Bird prize. Get comfortable with that and you can go for the Grand



Please post your questions in the message board discussion, and we'll get them sorted out.

The Fine Print

No legal disclaimers here. This is just you and me.

Bose has contributed some of the prizes and is helping with some of the details but Bose is not conducting the contest.

Prizes must be accepted as awarded. No substitutions or exchanges for cash value. Duty and taxes should they be applicable are your responsibility.


Questions and discussion: Please see Share the Wealth Contest discussion

Qualifying Entries

Updated weekly.

Grand Prize Qualifying Articles Contributor Date
Digitech VoiceLive 2 - Alternative Method to Connect to a T1® MikeInTexas Sep 05 2008
Hardware Review Template Joelheck Sep 07 2008
EV RE-2 Wireless Microphone Review Joelheck Sep 08 2008
Dehlia Low Settting up a 5 piece acoustic band DLguitar Sep 09 2008
Composite Acoustics 7M-CE Grand Auditorium Guitar Review Kingscourtmusic Sep 13 2008
Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer Review Valvenerd Sep 11 2008
L1® for Studio Monitoring Drumr Sep 19 2009
Using the L1 to Get Gigs Nib43 Sep 26 2008
Generators for Portable Power David A Oct 06 2008
Zoom H4 and T1® Usage Jdnell Oct 07 2008
Fishman SoloAmp / Bose L1® Comparison Open-road-matt Oct 10 2008
Hammered Dulcimer Mbanshee Oct 13 2008
Fiddle Mbanshee Oct 14 2008
Shure 55SH Vocal & Speech Microphone BabyBlueEyes Oct 15 2008
T1 Scenes Housekeeping Jivauk Oct 15 2008
Composite Acoustics 5iM-CE Kramster Oct 15 2008
Countryman E6 Tpryde3 Oct 15 2008
One Guitar and 2 L1®s rwj Oct 15 2008
Audio System Noise and the L1® Markle5 Oct 15 2008
Early-Bird Qualifying Participants Contributor Week ending Winner
Edits BlackForestMan Sep 12 2008
Edits DanCornett Sep 12 2008
Created Profile and Article DLguitar Sep 12 2008 *
Created Profile and Article Jivauk Sep 12 2008 *
Created Profile and Articles Joelheck Sep 12 2008
Created Profile and Articles Kingscourtmusic Sep 12 2008 *
Created Article MikeInTexas Sep 12 2008 *
Created Profile and Article Valvenerd Sep 12 2008
Created Article Drumr Sep 19 2008
Created Article Nib43 Sep 26 2008 *
Created Profile and Article David A Oct 06 2008
Created Article Jdnell Oct 07 2008
Created Profile and Article Open-road-matt Oct 10 2008
Created Article Mbanshee Oct 13 2008
Created Article BabyBlueEyes Oct 15 2008
Created Article Jivauk Oct 15 2008
Created Article Kramster Oct 15 2008
Created Article Tpryde3 Oct 15 2008
Created Article rwj Oct 15 2008 *
Created Article Markle5 Oct 15 2008