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There is a firmware update (version 1.6) that addresses the Blue Screen issue! See: T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates


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We are happy to announce we have identified the root cause of the T1 'blue screen' issue.

A small percentage of our customers reported their T1 would go to a 'blue screen' during performance and lose audio. They would need to reset (power-off then on) their T1, and upon reset their current scene would be lost and the T1 would revert to factory settings.

We have identified the issue resides in the 'Tuner' algorithm, and only happens under a very rare set of circumstances - explaining why the issue was so incredibly difficult to track down.

We are working on releasing a new set of T1 firmware code very soon, but in the meantime, to prevent this issue:

Do not play with the rotary knob on 'Tuner' It is fine to use the tuner normally, but once you are done tuning navigate away from it.

As I said, a new set of firmware is on it's way - we just wanted to announce this workaround now that we are confident that the root cause has been identified. Tracking down this issue was made possible by this forum - thank you to everyone who contributed their time and outage information.

Thank you again, MikeZ

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