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Community discussion on this topic How are you using the Artistic Expression tools in your ToneMatch Mixer

Your ToneMatch Mixer[1], T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine has three families of tools

Technical Tools

These tools control the flow of the signal through the mixer, control the EQ, and manage the signal level automatically. You can find similar tools on some other mixers.

Artistic Expression Tools

These tools shape the sound to create a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. When you use these, you are altering the sound so it does NOT sound exactly like the original source.

  • Mod
  • Delay
  • Reverb

Utility Tools

These tools help you to use your ToneMatch mixer effectively. They are not directly related to the modifying the sound of your input sources on the path through to the output.

Some may want to debate about how I have characterized the tools, but I'll press on.

How you use the Artistic Expression Tools is completely up to you.


For Vocals, should I use digital or analog delay?

Analog Delay originated in the 1940s. Originally this was done with recording tape in a loop run through a tape recorder, playback machine. Each time a sound was looped, its sound degraded a bit. So each repetition was a lower fidelity than the original, and the previous generation through the loop.

Digital Delay came later (1970-1980s). Because the signal was processed digitally, there was no (or much less) degradation. Each repetition was the same fidelity as the original, and the previous generation through the (now digital) loop.

The Analog Delay may sound muddy and dark, or you may hear that as having a vintage quality.

The Digital Delay may sound clean, crisp and bright, or you may hear that as having a sterile or brittle quality.

Let your ears tell you what to use. You may find you use Analog Delay for some songs and Digital Delay for others. And you may make your choices about what and when to use these based on what other things are happening in the mix (other players or sound sources).

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