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Hello Everyone,

At the Fall 2006 Users Conference in Ashland MA, we did a number of interviews with pioneering L1® owners.

The Interviews

These interviews were conducted by Buz Laughlin, who was one of the original four members of the Live Music Technology Group here at Bose.

We're going to begin making these videos available for others to see.

I would like to say that they are very beautiful and heartfelt. At times, there is a power and emotion in them that if you watch and listen carefully, you can hear the power of music to change the world for the better whispering to you.

We begin by offering the interviews of two of our most esteemed users, known to you here in this community as Alan Steinberger and OLDGHM.

I sincerely hope you will take a few minutes to watch them and learn from them. The videos are chapterized and none last longer than a couple of few minutes.

Many, many thanks to Alan, Oldghm, Pete, and Buz for their work to get these thoughts out into the air and preserved for others.

(added later)

Over the coming days we'll be adding more interviews.

With best regards,


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