ToneMatch® Presets and Electric Guitar

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General Processor

Q: What is General Processor intended for, i.e., what kind of processors?

The General Processor setting was designed to work well with a variety of amp modeling devices such as those produced by Digitech, Roland, or Line6. I tend to think of this as the "desterilizer".

Miked Amp w/SM57 or Miked Amp /wSennheiser e609

Q: The Miked Amp w/SM57 or w/Sennheiser e609 - what is actually being simulated - is it the input into the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine going through a mic simulator?

This preset was shaped around the concept of an electric guitar being plugged directly into a blues junior, miking the speaker slightly off-axis in the case of the sm57 - or simply hanging the e609 in front of the Blues Junior speaker, connecting it to the ToneMatch mixer and L1 system. Cliff's EQ adjustments were saved in these presets.

General Direct

Q: What is General Direct intended for, any guitar not directly supported by a preset, or a DI from a preamp? or...?

General Direct is suitable for most input signals that are not represented elsewhere. It is different from Guitar with zEQ for instance in that it does not feature further tonal adjustments (zEQ) specific to an instrument. Essentially it is more generic in design and is a great failsafe starting point.
General Direct is an averaged spectral response of 12” guitar speakers and is useful in many ways other than guitar. (Use your ears). Basically it bumps up around 2KHz and rolls off about 5KHz on the high end, 100 on the low end.

Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57, Rumbly and Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57 Normal

Q: Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57, Rumbly and Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57 Normal

These are very useful and Tony Sarno and I worked on these together, for use with amplifying a small amp with an sm57 pickup. Tube-and-cone freaks; rejoice!! Both presets have a slight “honk” (500 Hz octave) and the “rumbly” one is bumped in the deep bass, for anyone wanting that “stack” sound on full distortion. Tony said “yeah” when we were done. Erik Gustafson of the Brothers Groove liked Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57, Rumbly instantly, playing a Tele and miking his amp. Be careful of Miked Guitar Amp w/ SM57 Normal because it will do a good job of reamplifying bass guitar and kick drum on a loud stage. Source: Cliff Henricksen

Flat with zEQ

Q: Does Flat allow only zEQ or does it allow other effects too?.

If you select a Flat with zEQ setting in a specific category, the zEQ adjustments update to match the most meaningful frequencies for that category/instrument. The effects are available to you regardless of the preset you select.