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Year 2003

Cliff the Inventor with the Classic

October: Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ family of products

October: Message Board Opens

  • 2003/11/11 Message Board opens (first post below is dated October 11, but probably did not go live until the 15th)
Welcome everyone, to the public forums for the Bose(r) Personalized Amplification System(tm) family of products . Within these forums you will find many places to learn about the Personalized Amplification System from many perspectives. We invite you to explore and to post your questions, comments, concerns and the like about our new approach to amplified performances, but before you do, lets cover a few things.
At Bose Corporation our core values include respect and integrity and we, the moderators of the forums, are going to do our best to uphold these values with all of our visitors. We want to hear from you, we want you to share your experiences and we want everyone to be respectful. Therefore, if your post is deemed to be disparaging to others, we will not allow it. Please, be honest and be sensitive to the impact of your words; share your experiences and ask any questions you may have and do it in a way that helps the forum grow in quality and validity. The goal here is a healthy, productive community where we can all learn.
On behalf of my colleagues (and me), welcome to the Personalized Amplification System family of forums,

November: B1 Slip Covers Announced

Sketch of B1 Slip Cover
Well, it's official. We've started work on a gig bag for the B1, based on your valuable feedback.

This will take us at least eight weeks to design, test, build, and stock, so please be patient. When we're finished, we'll make another announcement so that all current owners can request one for each B1 they've purchased: this will be sent at no charge. The B1 bag will be integrated into the B1 carton thereafter. These started shipping 2005/04/18

December: Presets 1.0 Explained

  • 2003/12/03 Presets 1.0 (exposed - post by Cliff-at-Bose)

December: Sudden Volume Spikes Observed

Year 2004

February: Sudden Volume Spikes Diagnosed

2004 June R1 Remote V2 hand written
Without getting into boring technical details, the volume spike thing seems to be a resetting of the remote control to which the knobs go to 12 o'clock for a brief moment. So if you either don't use the remote OR keep the remote knobs at 12 o'clock you should never hear a volume spike.

March: Sudden Volume Spikes Resolution

We are happy to announce that we have identified the root cause of the “volume spike” problem for some of the Personalized Amplification System™ PS1 power stands. A few owners and regular forum contributors have been extraordinarily helpful in helping us track down this unusual bug, and we send out a huge thanks to them. This is a level of cooperation that is rarely found in any industry.
The problem is resolved by using a new remote control that we will provide to all affected customers free of charge.

Solution: R1 Remote Version 2

April: B1 Slip Covers ship

B1 Carry Bag Update
It was here on this message board that we found out that you, our customers, would really like a carry bag or some sort of protection for the B1 Bass Module product. In November 2003 we began work on a design. It has taken up to NOW to get new product included with B1 cass module carry bags. As seen in a rendering earlier in this thread, they are really a nice "slip cover" to go over your B1 Bass Module. It's constructed so the same beefy handle can be used to carry the product, now just under a cover.

June: Bose and Line6 White Paper

June: Music is Human comes to Canada

July: Deluxe Logo Bags

July 2004 Deluxe Logo bags offered

September: Bose White Paper

October: One Year Anniversary Celebration

October 2004 Celebration TriPort Headphones for owners
We are pleased to report that an unexpectedly large number of musicians have adopted the entirely new approach to amplification we introduced one year ago.
Moreover, many of these owners have gone to great lengths to explain the benefits of the Personalized Amplification System™ approach to other musicians. We believe you need spend only a few minutes reading their unedited remarks at www.bose.com/musicians to reach the same conclusion.
As a result of their ongoing effort, we have decided to say thank you to this extraordinary community of musicians with a special one-time gift.
Anyone who is currently an owner, or anyone who purchases a Cylindrical Radiator™ loudspeaker by December 31, 2004, is entitled to receive a pair of Bose® TriPort® headphones.
These acclaimed headphones, which retail for $149, deliver exceptional sound quality to your personal listening experience. Their ability to faithfully reproduce even the most demanding music makes them perfect for both careful monitoring and casual listening.
With thanks and appreciation,
The Bose® Live Music Technology Group

October: Illustrations of Band Setups

hand drawn sketch showing possible stage layout
  • 2004/10/22 Bose creates a separate forum for hand drawn sketches of band stage setups. Many of these early sketches were later used on the main Bose/Musicians web site. The experience gained here, communicating with Musicians about how they set their stages eventually led to The Sketcher online stage design tool.

December: Presets 2.0 Released

2004/12/07 Presets 2.0 Released for download on the web.

December: Con Pane Year End Concert at Bose

Con Pane poster
  • 2004/12/20 Special Year End Concert at Bose — Con Pane
We are very pleased to announce a special year end concert at Bose headquarters Monday, December 20, at 6:00 PM.
The concert will be produced by Ken Jacob, Director & Chief Engineer of the Bose Live Music Technology Group, to celebrate the marvelous accomplishments of this past year.
The concert will feature TONY SARNO & THE LINEMEN, who will host a number of special guest artists, including (in alphabetical order):
  • The acclaimed Mitch Chakour (Joe Cocker, Mohehan Sun All Stars, etc.)
  • Producer and multi-instrumentalist Lorne Entress
  • Berklee Professor and singer song writer extraordinaire Thaddeus Hogarth
  • Appleseed recording artist Kate McDonnell
The concert will be under the musical direction of Clifford Goodwin (Joe Cocker, Mohegan Sun All Stars, The Linemen).

Full Announcement

Year 2005

March: Blogging the L1®

June: The Sketcher Online Stage Layout Tool

This Sketch is the icon used to represent the Sketcher on the Message Board

August: Unofficial Users Guide

October: PackLite Amplifier

2005 October PackLite Extended Bass Package
  • 2005/10/18 PackLite® power amplifier announced. This three pound class D amplifier connects seamlessly to an L1® Power Stand Bass Line out and powers up to two B1s.

November: Mobile Disc Jockey Community Event at Bose

  • 2005/11/30 Kenneth Jacob and Cap Capello host an event for DJs at the Bose Head Office in Framingham MA.
    Read the invitation

December: Unofficial Performers Guide

Year 2006

January: The Power of Ten

January 2006 - The Power of Ten Advertising goes live

2006/01/15 This compelling advertising piece goes live celebrating

  • 10 years of research
  • 10,000 satisfied musicians
  • 100,000 delighted audiences
Big Sur Bose Bash invitation

January - April: The Big Sur Bose Bash

Big Sur Poster

March: L1® Wiki Development Begins

  • 2006/03/15 Investigation of several web portal and wiki systems begins. Three different prototypes are built and evaluated before the live launch in October 2006.

April: L1

L1® logo June 2007

July: Taylor ToneMatch® Preset

  • 2006/07/27 Taylor ToneMatch® Presets announced
  • 2006/07/26 Presets are now ToneMatch® Presets (and occasionally ToneMatch® Preset Filters)

October: Fall Conference Ashland MA

2006/10/29 Bose L1™ Musicians Conference Fall 2006

October Wiki

2006/10/29 Bose L1® Wiki Announced at Fall Conference 2006

November: Live Music Pioneers

November 2006 Live Music Pioneer presentation

2006/11/01 Live Music Pioneers honoured Live Music Pioneer

Recently we honored six individuals who have been extraordinarily generous in helping other musicians understand our new approach to live music amplification. ... — Ken-at-Bose

Year 2007

March: Model I, Model II, T1

April: Sketcher Version 3.0

  • 2007/04/01 Sketcher version 3.0 revamped to work with Model I, Model II and T1®
  • 2007/07/01 Sketcher version 4.0 released. This is a significant rewrite of application allowing for hundreds of objects on the screen. This was necessitated by the need to be able to document all the connections possible with the T1® when used with a L1 Classic or L1 Model I

June: Playing Better with the L1®

July: Midwest Owners Conference

2007/07/14 Midwest L1 Enthusiasts 2007 L1® Owners Conference St Louis MO

August: Firmware Update T1® Version 1.3 Downloads

September: Rocky Mountain Conference

L1® Owners Conference Cuchara CO

October: T1® Outage Issues (Blue Screen)

Year 2008

January: Larry Lambert & Rick Jordan at the Bose Auditorium

January 2008 Larry Lambert & Rick Jordan at the Bose Auditorium
  • 2008/01/04

Bose Corporation is pleased to host two outstanding musical artists from the Appalachian South as part of their Cornucopia concert series in the Corporate Center auditorium.

If you enjoy beautiful songs beautifully rendered by voice and guitar, you are in for an exceptional evening of music by two seasoned professionals playing individually and together.

Hailing from Lexington Kentucky, Larry Lambert has been a singer most all of his life, performing solo for the first time at the age of four. Church and school were the training grounds and Larry sang at every opportunity in these venues.

Larry is a ballad singer. His repertoire includes many songs, old and new, from many different genres and writers, most all with a down home common sense message or story that can be told time and time again.

He’s shared the same stage with Don McLean, The Dirt Band, John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, Bobby Bare and others. These and other artists such as Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Kristofferson, Dylan, Lightfoot, Billy Joe Shaver, JJ Cale, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Jr. and Sr. have all influenced his singing style and song selection, but still, everything comes out distinctly Larry in a style that crosses the boundaries of gospel, country, folk, bluegrass, blues and old time rock and roll.

Rick Jordan is minister of music at Thomasville Georgia’s First Baptist Church. In addition to his church work, Rick performs as an entertainer throughout the country and internationally.

Rick’s repertoire includes country and folk songs, 50’s music, showtunes, hymns and original compositions.

We plan to have other Bose message board luminaries perform in future concerts.

February: T1® Blue screen Issues Resolved (T1® Firmware 1.6)

2008/02/27 T1® firmware version 1.6 released. Addresses

  • Blue screen outages
  • Windows Vista and Mac interoperability for the T1®.

March: L1® Wiki and Sketcher — New Server

2008/03/01 This Wiki and The Sketcher are ported to a large internet service provider allowing for higher bandwidth and reliability. This change is like moving a boutique shop into a mega mall. You get better ingress, egress, support services, storage. You have to conform to the larger environment.

April: Bose L1® in Mexico

  • 2008/04/07 - 2008/04/09
    We flew down early Monday morning April 7. We played a pre-show that night. The next two nights we did presentations to the Central American folks. We came back on the 10th

May: South Atlantic States Conference

South Atlantic States L1® Conference 2008 conference poster

June: Firmware Update T1® Version 1.7 Ships

September: Firmware Update T1® Version 1.7 Downloads

September: Share the Wealth Contest

  • 2008/09/04 Share the Wealth Contest 2008 - L1® owners contribute to the wiki to become eligible to win prizes. This is the lead-in to the L1® 5 year anniversary celebration, and 2 years live for the wiki.

October: 5th Anniversary of L1® Launch

Year 2009

January: Gibson ToneMatch® Presets

January: Gibson ToneMatch® Presets

April: L1® Compact

April: T1® Firmware Update 1.4

Tuner enhancements

Year 2012

September: L1® Model 1S

September: B2 Bass Module

September: Model II Power Stand Firmware Update 1.4

Update to allow operation with B2 Bass Module

October: L1® Updater Software for Mac OSX 10.8

Year 2018

T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers

Bose Pro announced the T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixers, Jan 23, 2018.

See T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixer

Year 2020

L1 Pro

Bose Pro announced the Bose L1 Pro line, October 26, 2020. See: L1_Pro

The L1 Model I and L1 Model II were discontinued. The L1 Compact remained a current model until stocks were depleted mid 2021.